Appdid Mart

Appdid Mart is a complete solution for all kind of ecommerce business. It fulfil all requirements of ecommerce business right from customer app to delivery of products. Now a day’s people want no contact home delivery.

Due to pandemic everything is moving online. Having a business online is creating awareness in people. Due to lockdown people get restricted to visit your shop, it’s time to give them facility of ATA (All Time Available). And it’s possible only via Appdid Mart.

Appdid Mart


Android User App

1. Hazel free search for any kind of product .They can view by category, Details page about the product, and it includes image, name, description, ad quantity, and etc.

2. User can ad favourite product in wish list, Ad to cart facility and Place order with three steps only.

  • Add address
  • Confirm order details
  • Select payment option and place the order

3. After placing order user can edit or view order history. User can track the status of order like dispatch, shipping, out for delivery.

Admin Panel

1. Backbone of every business. It provides n number of features to business. Initial step of every business is Representation of itself. And its possible via Appdid mart panel.

2. Basically it’s all in one solution for ecommerce. It difficult to explain in word that how Appdid Mart is complete solution for ecommerce. It’s more suitable for grocery, vegetables and fruits, dry fruits, ready to eat food, raw chicken fish, herbal, books, electronics item, clothes, products, cosmetics toys and stationery item etc.


Delivery Boy App

1. Last but the important step of product delivery. Admin can assign the order from panel to delivery boy any time.

2. In this app can see order item and customer delivery address.

3. He can update the status of delivery from out for delivery to Delivered.

How It Works

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