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What makes Appdid the best web development company

Appdid is a custom web design and development firm that focuses on creating designs that are simple, intuitive, and high-performing.

Web Development Philosophy

Converting viewers to buyers and visitors to customers is heavily influenced by design, typography, speed, and other UI and UX considerations.

Be Unique

Why compromise with do-it-all themes when every service is unique and every client is unique? What you need is a one-of-a-kind website created just for you, complete with specific features tailored to your target demographic.

We've helped big companies, small businesses, blogs, and freelancers stand out by providing them their own online presence and allowing them to express themselves.

Be Minimalistic

Websites, apps, and everything else online are rapidly evolving toward a more intuitive, less cluttered design philosophy, and we won't let you fall behind.

We use advanced UI and UX design elements in our designs. Our designs aim to provide more information while providing less context. We specialize in simple, clean, and clutter-free designs.

Feature Rich

We have created feature-rich, cutting-edge websites and web apps ranging from blogs to custom websites. We also have experience with ecommerce development.

Quality Code

A beautiful web design is not enough; it must also be efficiently coded in order to provide a seamless experience. To create a more efficient and time-bound end-product, we follow the best coding principles, consistently check for bugs across every working prototype, and involve our clients in the entire design, development, and deployment phases.

Our Process

We are an Agile-based web development company, and one of our strengths is our dedication to designing and developing in an organised, incremental, and interactive manner..


We contact you and discuss your design goals and inspirations in order to understand and align with them.


We begin our research by looking for the best in your niche in order to deliver an uncompromising design that caters to your audience.

Framing with wire

This is where you can see how everything works and provide feedback, and only after we have finalised the execution and functionalities of the design will we move on to the next phase.


We create one or two designs that are closely related to each other and reflect your vision and our research. These templates are sent to our development ninjas once the design is complete. 


We will create a supportive, fast, and secure website by implementing the latest and best coding standards. 

Responsive Website Development

RWD (Responsive Web Designs) refers to designs that are compatible with all devices such as mobile phones, laptop computers, and so on. The majority of the audience is on their phones because they prefer to access websites on their phones, which saves them time and effort. Furthermore, the use of mobile phones is increasing dramatically over time.

Is my website responsive?

You can check this on your own by following the below given simple steps.

  • Open browser like Chrome, Firefox etc.
  • Open your website and press CTRL + Shift + I (chrome Dev tools opens up).
  • Press CTRL + Shift + M to toggle the device toolbar.
  • Then open the view of your page to see the result as per the mobile, desktop, tablets etc. 

Why does this responsive design really matter in every business?

There are numerous advantages to using responsive websites, including the ease and simplicity with which advertisements can be created. Here are some of the benefits or features of using responsive websites.

Yes, it will act as an all-in-one for every site because you will no longer need to create separate website designs for different devices. Whatever device you are using, such as a 27-inch Mac, desktop, Android phones, tablets, and so on.

The viewer or user will enjoy the automatic change in image size, font, and text font. Furthermore, there is no need for redirects, and users can view the content quickly and without delay.

A few more responsive design components — Websites should be constructed using pictures and grids that are flexible enough to adjust the display to be compatible with any device.

With the passage of time, the requirement for responsive websites grows. How did webpages work before they became responsive?

Obviously, loading the webpage on mobile phones takes a long time, or mobile phones may not be able to load the file or website at all. Let's look at an example to see how this works from the perspective of a consumer. Let's say a consumer comes into your physical store to buy something and leaves feeling pretty good about it. After that, he wants to order stuff online because your store or business has earned his confidence. Customer went to your website, entered in the URL, and waited for the site to fully load. What would you think about the impression you produced on your customer after that?

Take another example: suppose you ordered something from an e-commerce website while using your laptop, received your order, and discovered that you received the wrong parcel; now, when you go to open the site to return the items, it takes a long time to load and frequently displays an error message. What are your plans? So, responsive websites can help a lot with these kinds of issues by changing the view of the website and doubling or bettering its speed.

 Why Should You Consider Responsive Web Design?

Because of the mobile and user-friendly nature of responsive websites, consumers prefer to stay on them. Visitors are more likely to stay on your website if it responds to all devices, which is only possible with responsive website design. As a result, it will also assist you in achieving a high Google ranking. What this means is that people are utilising it not only for user-friendly objectives or aesthetic designs, but also because it aids in digital advertising, allowing you to effortlessly develop a brand name.